Edita Pecotic


video color PAL, 4:3, mini DV , 20 ’ 2008

Moreska is a medieval drama and sword dance which is still performed in Croatia’s town of Korcula.The story follows the conflict between the Red King and the Black King and their soldiers, as the Red King's fiancée is captured by the Black army.This romantic and ritualized sword battle is performed in seven circles representing seven different dances with swords. Finally the Black King is conquered and his fiancée happily returns into arms of her beloved Red King.
As opposed to the original dance/drama, in the video ‘Moreska’ by Edita Pecotic, the artist has given the fiancée the main role, offering the audience the opportunity to concentrate solely on the portrait of the woman. The video depicts her 20 minute long struggle between engagement and boredom with her role ranging from engaged to passive, from dynamic to bored.
This work is made in an attempt to explore general (universal) gender issues – the role of women throughout history as well as in the contemporary world, determined by continuous conflicts globally as much as within the domestic environment.

Moreska Edita Pecotic video Moreska Edita Pecotic video Moreska Edita Pecotic video

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